Nickolas Gurtler Kitchens

Having worked with many clients on their projects, we know first hand that the kitchen is the pulsing heart of the home. It should be tailored directly to its owners both aesthetically and functionally, be bold and set the tone for the entire house.

Nickolas Gurtler Kitchens is a bespoke design and supply service, not only does Nickolas Gurtler personally design your kitchen but we also document, supply and install our design for a seamless experience.

Whether it is a new build or renovation, we offer a completely bespoke kitchen with a focus on innovative uses of exceptional materials and attention to detail.


A Nickolas Gurtler Kitchen is manufactured to the highest quality and sets a benchmark for kitchen design.

The Process

Initial Meeting: In a private in-office appointment at our HQ, our Creative Director, Nickolas Gurtler and his team will discuss your project to develop the Project Brief. We will play with our library of beautiful materials to get a better understanding of your style, understand your budget and needs. We also use this opportunity to get to know you, understand how you like to cook and how you would use your new kitchen so that we can properly tailor it to you.


Design Development:  After sending one of our team to measure your space, Nickolas gets to work on creating an initial concept for your kitchen by experimenting with various layouts, sourcing beautiful materials and fixtures, and developing the idea. From here we build a 3D model of your kitchen design which details all of the intricacies from appliance cupboards to built-in champagne troughs.


Presentation: We invite you back to our HQ for a champagne meeting where we present our design. We show you the vibe tray of all of your finishes as well as present the 3D model, talking you through every aspect. We then finalise the design with you in preparation for manufacture.

Manufacture: Full manufacturing drawings are prepared by our team and are sent to our team of expert craftsmen. They then build all the components of your kitchen and prepare everything for installation.

Installation: Our team of craftsmen install the kitchen in your home.

Styling: As a complimentary service, our Creative Director, Nickolas Gurtler will spend an hour in your kitchen photographing and professionally styling over a glass of champagne.