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At Nickolas Gurtler Interior Design our design philosophy is universal - focusing on the architecture, interior design and decoration as one. This full service approach resonates with our clients. 

From attention to detail in our project management to recognised excellence in our customer service, we deliver our projects in a smooth and transparent manner. 


We take on projects of all sizes in Perth, Sydney and Melbourne. Our Creative Director splits his time between the East and West Coast, working with our project managers on both sides of the country. We have outlined below the types of projects we work on, but if you're not sure - please get in touch and ask.

renovations / new builds

At Nickolas Gurtler Interior Design our design philosophy is universal - focusing on the architecture, interior design and decoration as one to deliver a more harmonious and comprehensive result. 


Whether working on new homes, or existing dwellings, we consult with builders and architects (either your own, or one of our recommendations) on space planning, joinery, fixtures and finishes to deliver a bespoke home committed to luxury, both visually and in comfort.

kitchen & bathroom design

Creating glamorous and functional spaces for preparing food or bathing takes a special skillset. The team at Nickolas Gurtler Interior Design work with clients to develop chic and sophisticated kitchens and bathrooms in either new homes or existing dwellings that are not only on the cutting edge of design, but also timeless and functional.


Working with master craftsmen, we create spaces made for indulgent bathing and culinary excellence. 

individual spaces & consultations

Many of our clients choose to work with us on one space at a time. In keeping with our philosophy that all interiors deserve equal consideration, we facilitate this with our clients by examining furniture, fixtures, finishes and accessories to deliver individual spaces with our signature attention to detail and personal service.

When starting a new build, we offer a Pre-Start consultation service which involves one of our designers looking over your builders plans to ensure the spaces are suitable for our clients goals. Using our expertise we help our clients avoid common mistakes and optimize the building plans.

We know that not every project needs our full design services, so we offer our clients options for engaging our services with by-the-hour consultations on an "as needs" basis. Please note this service is currently available in Sydney and Perth only.

furniture packages

Some projects only require a furniture package. We provide a schedule of carefully curated pieces of furniture and accessories along with an accompanying floor plan as one package for our clients to purchase as their finances and timeframe allow.

the design process

At Nickolas Gurtler Interior Design, we pride ourselves on being a full-service design firm. We take on projects from start to finish, creating ‘turn-key’ residences ready to move straight into.


Our work encompasses everything from the initial planning and liaising with builders and developers right down to the final styling - whatever it takes to get the job done.


The Design Process can be daunting, so we have outlined each of the main stages that are involved:

establishing a brief

Initial discussions defining expectations, establishment of the budget, scope of the project and aesthetic goals for the formation of a Project Brief. Every Nickolas Gurtler Interior Design project is a bespoke space, tailored specifically for the client.

planning & concept

Establishing a strong and considered concept is crucial to a successful design. This concept covers the design philosophy, design direction, and personalisation for each project. With the creation of mood imagery, material samples and photorealistic computer imagery, we communicate our design intent with precision. This enables our clients to touch, feel and understand our design that we have tailored for them. 

design development

After the delivery of our concept design, our team undertakes an extensive feasibility study, ensuring that our concepts are achievable  and suitable through Design Development. This involves finalising the design concepts with the client, and the creation of a precise plan of action our team of tradespeople and suppliers to put into action. 

finishes, fixtures & furniture selection

Our international aesthetic demands product from across the globe. Our firm has developed an extensive library of furniture, fixtures, finishes and art through the travels of our Creative Director. The relationships we have with our international suppliers affords us a level of exclusivity when sourcing products for our clients. This library is being constantly updated with new and incredible materials,  furniture and objects. 


Our knowledge in space planning and interior detailing  across many sectors provides a level of true satisfaction with our clients. Our knowledge of joinery and interior construction ensures that each and every project is documented to a high level of detail, aiding the tender and construction process. With experience in commercial and residential services coordination we work well alongside other consultants to achieve the best possible result for our clients.

project administration / install

The path of design and decoration can be complex and challenging. Our Creative Director and Project Manager guide our clients through each step with expertise and style, working behind the scenes obtaining permits, council approvals, negotiating with trades and suppliers through to administration and delivery of the project.  Our Creative Director curates every project personally, ensuring that all the elements create a sense of harmony. Decorative vignettes are created, art is hung and beds are made for a truly ‘turn key’ experience.

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