Nickolas Gurtler Interior Design (NGID) is a boutique studio based in Melbourne that creates tailored and sophisticated interior environments across the residential, multi-residential, wellness,  retail and hospitality sectors. We undertake projects across Australia,  with works currently underway in Victoria, Western Australia, New South Wales and Queensland. To us, and our clients, design knows no borders.


Be it a new build, renovation, commercial venture or curating furniture and art – bringing impeccable, joyful and extraordinary design to our clients is what we do. Whilst we take what we do almost too seriously, we believe in taking our clients on an inclusive design journey together with us - one that is eye-opening, exciting and most importantly - enjoyable. 

Studio Values

Design, to us, should be transportive, immersive and thought-provoking. We seek to design spaces that create intrigue and invite curiosity. Whilst each project is different our studio aesthetic sits at the point of tension between stringent minimalism and absolute glamour, delicately balancing the opposing ideologies together. We call this “restrained glamour”.


Our studio has a commitment to authenticity, a reverence for history and a longing to create. We see the design elements and principles as the language of our craft and we utilise, manipulate and transmute them to deliver spaces that are emotive and highly functional to those who experience them.


Led by Nickolas Gurtler, our small team achieves big things. We regularly partner with talented architects, landscape architects, builders and branding experts to provide a multidisciplinary service to our clients. Our practice offers new builds, renovations (both residential & commercial) and interior decorating with the creative direction on each project overseen directly by Nickolas.